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Repair or installation for cooling your home is critical to lifestyle comfort and helps save you money.


We can perform a complete heat gain analysis to best determine the proper size unit for your home. Most people don’t know that in summer the average family spends about 40% of their energy bill for air conditioning the house. Regular maintenance for your cooling system can help you save money by greatly improving its efficiency.

In the Market For A New System? Why a Heat Gain Analysis
is Important

Many contractors will size a new system based on the square footage of the house. This can lead to a very uncomfortable summer. Why? Because there are many other factors that go into the sizing equation. How much glass your house has, whether the glass is insulated, does it have a southern exposure, what is the composition of the roof etc. all play a critical roll in what size unit is best for your home. All of these factors determine the overall “heat gain” your house will have and no 2 houses are exactly the same. If a “heat gain” analysis is not done you are just guessing as to the required size. Sizing is much more critical for cooling than it is for heating. The reason is humidty. The unit needs to run long enough to remove moisture from the air in addition to cooling it. If it is oversized it will cool the air quickly but not long enough to remove the moisture, resulting in cool moist air instead of desired cool dry air. It is for that reason that an oversized unit will lead to uncomfortable summers.

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Air Conditioning Repair
Air conditioner repair service can help your energy budget

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